Welcome to Fight DiceTM

Ninja Fight

Welcome to the Fight Dice™ – Rapid Action Dice Combat System. This original tabletop combat system allows you to take any Action Figure and fight pitched duels with them, using nothing but a handful of dice.

That’s right this is the generic action game where you can use any Action Figure you wish from GI Joes to Rubber Monsters and fight it out in rapid action duels.

All you need is a handful of dice, a tape measure and a copy of the Fight Dice™ – Rapid Action Combat Dice rules. – which you can download for free using the links on the sidebar.

I hope you enjoy playing this fun Action Figure combat game and if you do please leave a donation via the Paypal link. This website, this free version exists because you the fans asked for it… Now…

Fighters… Ready?? Set… GO!!!

Ninja Jump

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