About the Author

Nick DavisHello, my name is Nick Davis, I’m an Englishman currently living on the East Coast of the USA not too far removed from Charm City (aka Baltimore). Once upon a time as I was employed by Games Workshop and was once a former White Dwarf feature writer. Now I am a Freelance content creator, fully employed Web Designer, budding Games Designer, part-time author and sometimes artist.

I’m married to a very patient Irish American lady and have three children. When I am not working, running errands, playing with the kids or burrowing through an ever-growing list of ongoing house ‘projects’. I can be found plodding away on a keyboard or with a pencil in hand exploring the worlds of my imagination.

Fight-DiceTM Rapid Action Dice Combat has been around in one form or another for ten plus years, it is a fun little game system that allows you to use any action figure and fight pitched one-on-one duels. It really works best representing modular action figures such as Stikfas, Xervox or Modibots.

The free version of the game is very open-ended and I present to you on this website the core rules. The rest is up to you to add-on, I do suggest experimenting setting your own dice values for each type of action figure and most importantly have fun. It can be an insane game of throwing lots of dice around.

To learn more about me and my writing and other works please visit my main website at http://www.alt-world.com